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This beautiful Yemonja & Olokun Orisha inspired open choker is reflective of the beauty and power of the Ocean waters and the mystery they hold within its abyss where many of our ancestors from the days of the diaspora now rest.

Made with Black/Blue Sardonyx and Black Bulls Eye Agate cradled in Brass, Though designed to be worn specifically for Orisha celebrations, rituals, or  special occasions it will accent most any attire.


Sardonyx has an empowering energy that promotes lasting happiness and stability to partnerships as it attracting friends and good fortune. It helps supplement one’s willpower and strengthens one’s character and inspires one to live with integrity and a sense of right-us-ness.  It also can be used to increase stamina, vigor and self-control while alleviating depression and improving one’s perception towards positive outlooks.                                                                           Aries, Leo


Agates carries a quiet energy that works on the subtle bodies achieving stability and balance in many aspects of one’s life. It works on the cause versus the symptom of an issue. it's believed to improve mental functions and help where issues of clarity and stability are concerned. It also brings love into the chakras. Although Agate works very slowly and deliberately, it's gentle nature tends has a lasting impact. Gemini, Virgo


More detailed information on symbolisms and metaphysical properties of stones and metals included in this piece can be found in the “Additional Info Sections” under “Unlisted Stones & Metals Info”. You will also receive a complete list upon of properties to all materials within your piece with your purchase.



Choker Length: approx. 8.5" can be molded to fit comfortably around ones neck.


Please refer to the “Additional Info Sections” for more details concerning shipping, returns/refund policies, custom orders, jewelry care and more.


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Yemonja Olokun Inspired Brass Open Choker

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    Your order will come in colorful gift packaging with a list of the materials for each piece along with detailed information on their healing and metaphysical properties along with our gratitude and appreciation for supporting our business.

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