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This powerful beauty is a statement piece that was made of Lapis Lazuli, Blue Goldstone, Blue & Gold Sea Glass all encased in Brass. Though designed as part of the Royalty Wear Collection it is also being offered as a separate purchaseable piece.



Necklace Length: Approx. 16" or 41cm

Pendant Size: Approx. 6.75" or 17cm

Lapis Lazuli inspires self-confidence,  stimulates honesty, deep inner-self-awareness and creative self-expression allowing one the courage to speak one's truth inspirationally. Blue Goldstone is associated with learning, communication, stability and ambition. It cultivates vitality, courage, and the positive attitude to follow one’s goals and dreams and the drive, and confidence in oneself that makes one successful in their endeavors. Brass is not generally used for healing; it is used for its ability to dull or block energy. It flattens and grounds energy and can be used as a shield, reducing sensitivity and awareness. It's a common alloy made by combining Copper and Zinc therefore containing the properties of both of these base metals. It’s recommended by healers to people who have unusually high levels of metal in their bloodstream, since it is a blood cleanser and detoxifier. It also is known to attract health and wealth to its wearer. Leather represents strength, longevity, and transformation that protects and promotes practicality. It helps one to maintain fluidity amidst opposing influences helping one to adapt to surroundings and maintain one’s composure during unfavorable situations.


More detailed information on the materials of this piece can be found in the “Additional Info Sections” under “Unlisted Stones & Metals Info”. You will also receive a complete list upon receipt of purchase.


For additional information concerning shipping, returns/refund policies, custom orders, jewelry care and more, please refer to the corresponding sections for details.


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