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Each chakra ring is made with the following gemstones that relate specifically to each chakra. From crown to root each ring contains clear crystal quartz, lapiz lazuli, aquamarine, chrysoprase, citrine, carnelian, and garnet. The choice of metal that you would like your ring to be made with is listed in the drop box selection provided.


Please refer to the corresponding sections for details concerning shipping, returns/refund policies, custom orders, jewelry care, and more.


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Custom creativity from nature’s own elements of life and beauty.

Sterling Silver Chakra Gemstone Ring

  • Custom-designed orders can be requested from a selection of various stones, metals, and styles available. For custom orders please email us directly or give us a call at (320) 405-5261 so that we can co-design your custom piece according to your specifications.

    ***SHIPPING FOR CUSTOM ORDER – custom orders can take 1 - 3 weeks depending on the availability of the materials you’ve requested and the time required to complete your personalized piece. Shipping time will be determined during your custom order consultation.

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