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This beautiful Silver Nickel  woven wire wrapped Scarab Ankh Necklace is meaningful, metaphysical, and transformative, It's  a symbol of transformation, of alchemy and of the Ancient Khemetic rituals peformed in association with the stars and our cosmic origins. It symbolizes both mortal existence and the afterlife that brings original spiritual wisdom of life into present times.


The Scarab and the Ankh are both powerful symbols from ancient Egyptian (Khemetic) civilization that are honored and practiced by many who still align with  the spiritual qualities they represent.

Scarab Beetles are highly sensitive and sentient beings with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience which is why they are seldom seen. These gifts work unobtrusive with in one’s instincts and helps one to always be in the right place at the right time and know exactly how to get there. Scarab encourages tenacity, perseverance, to always find a way to fulfill projects and move through life’s changes and challenges until desired outcomes are achieved. It represents the ability to turn all things negative into a positive.  Scarab Beetle also represents the need for making changes in your life that do not necessarily comply with one being true to oneself. It inspires one to evaluate the situation in its entirety and find a way to compromise so that one can maintain their own personal integrity and beliefs. The represents your ability to find solutions to long standing unresolved issues with loved ones and to be a source of wisdom and integrity in the midst of chaos through peaceful interaction even if the means being so requires your disengagement.


The Scarab also inspires one to waste nothing, recycle whenever possible, to be frugal and to have a very deep understanding of mother earth and her needs. Your life seems to be one of constant change however you always maintain your own sense of integrity throughout all of this.


More detailed information on the Ankh symbolism along with the stone and metal properties contained in this piece  can be found in the “Additional Info Sections” under “Unlisted Stones & Metals Info”. You will also receive a complete list upon receipt of purchase.



  • Necklace Length: Approx. 15.5"
  • Pendant Size: H: 4.75" X L: 2.5"


Please refer to the “Additional Info Sections” for more details concerning shipping, returns/refund policies, custom orders, jewelry care and more.


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Scarab Beaded Ankh Necklace

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