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This Beautiful Brass encased Llanite Obelisk with Blue Goldstone accent, comes with your choice of Brass encased Llanite beaded chain, Curb Link Brass Chain or Brass Ball Chain depending on your preference. Your choice of chain can be made by choosing which style from the drop box provided.


The following information details the physical and metaphysical dimensions and properties that this piece contains.



  • Pendant Size: 4" (Approx. 10cm)
  • Beaded Chain Length: 16" (28.5cm)
  • Curbed Link Chain Length: Approx. 11" (26.5cm)
  • Ball Chain Length: 11" (26.5cm)
  • Full Necklace Length: Approx. 15" (27.5cm)
  • Bracelet Size: 9.5" Circumference


LLANITE focuses on our connect and interactions with others. It stimulates the Heart chakra and enables us to open our hearts to others. This stone helps to increase compassion and understanding, so it promotes harmony and peace between people. It dissolve harsh feelings between people and boost a person’s diplomacy and tact. It is an extremely useful stone if you work with groups of people, such as, a negotiator, liaison, project manager – or if you have to handle tense situations between people. Llanite also stimulates the Third Eye chakra and helps to activate, cleanse and balance one’s entire energetic system. This stone helps to boost intuition, psychic abilities, and sensitivity to the spirit world. It deepens meditation experiences and enables us to receive messages of Wisdom, so it is useful for connecting to our own Inner Wisdom, and supportive for psychics and mediums. This gemstone helps us to stop dwelling on current, past, or future life problems, and shifts our focus to finding productive solutions to problems. Llanite enables us to “disconnect” from the emotional baggage of an issue and look at it objectively. This allows us to determine the actual cause of the problem and find a resolution. This crystal also helps us release unnecessary attachment to problems of the past.


BLUE GOLDSTONE is said to be the stone of ambition and is associated with learning and communication. It is best worn when you are starting a new business or service as it inspires revolutionary innovations.. It cultivates vitality, courage, and the positive attitude to follow one’s goals and dreams and the drive, and confidence in oneself that makes one successful in their endeavors. Goldstone also has many of the metaphysical properties of copper, including strengthening the circulatory system, strengthening bones, and easing arthritis pain, which is felt to be extremely helpful in increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.Goldstone is also said to be a Master Healer, stabilizing emotions and aiding in staying calm. Goldstone, is used as an energy generator and like diamonds, is a good deflector of unwanted energies, therefore it’s a protection stone. It reminds us to set goals that are lofty and work to attain them. It Goldstone is effective when you are sending healing energies from the heart, throat or third eye chakras. It is thought to increase the healing energies emanating from the hands and is often used for long distance healing.


BRASS is not generally used for healing; it is used for its ability to dull or block energy. It flattens and grounds energy and can be used as a shield, reducing sensitivity and awareness and is known to attract health and wealth to its wearer. It's a common alloy made by combining Copper and Zinc therefore containing the properties of both of these base metals.  Their properties will be listed in the additional info. section.


More detailed information on symbolisms and metaphysical properties of stones and metals included in this piece can be found in the “Additional Info Sections”. You will also receive a complete list upon of properties to all materials within your piece with your purchase.


For additional information concerning stone & metal properties, shipping, returns/refund policies, custom orders, jewelry care and more, please refer to the corresponding sections for details.


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Llanite in Brass Jewelry Set

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  • Custom designed orders can be requested from a selection of various stones, metals and styles available. For custom orders please email us directly or give us a call at (320) 405-5261 so that we can co-design your custom piece according to your specifications.


    ***SHIPPING FOR CUSTOM ORDER – custom orders can take 1 - 3 weeks depending on availability of the materials you’ve requested and time required to complete your personalized piece. Shipping time will be determined during your custom order consultation.


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