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This strong and stunning hand-crafted  unisex bracelet goes with any attire, from special occasion to everyday wear and makes for a very special gift for someone you value.

These is made to fit comfortably, wrist sizes 7 - 7 1/2  up to a snug size 8 with a width of 1/2 inch.  

Custom sizing and metal can be requested. However, please contact us directly via email for custom order requests so that we can design your custom piece according to your specifications.

A list of metaphysical and healing properties that the materials within this piece contain can be found in the Product Info Section Below.

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Soulistic Twist
Custom creativity from nature’s own elements of life and beauty.

Green African Turquoise Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

  • The following is a list of healing properties for the mind, body, and soul that the materials of this piece contain.


    is the ‘Stone of Evolution’, brings encouragement for growth, development and It brings forth realization as it resonates especially well with the Third eye energy center. It helps stimulate, strengthen and clear this center, eases mood swings, encourage acceptance and sooth feelings of emotional aggravation. Also a stone to help lessen the effects of joint discomfort while to helping bring lubrication within the joints and improved flexibility overall and is beneficial to kidney function and aids digestion. It inspires structure and balance to awaken one to their intended purpose. It pushes one to use the knowledge they already possess while also enlightening one to the wisdom of others to help one become a better person for all of humanity

    SILVER                                        Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius
    Silver is closely associated with the moon; it amplifies one psychic abilities, increases perception and regulate emotional and intuitive energies. it provides a very strong connection between the physical and astral bodies. Silver is a mirror to the soul enabling one to see themselves from outside of the body. It is able to attract and retain the qualities that are emitted by the stones in the arrangement and to provide a steadying, stabilizing influence. Medically, silver has been known to enhance the production of hormones and regulate the function of glands.

    NICKEL                                                 Virgo, Gemini
    Nickel is an extraordinary metal which extends into most dimensions, and has many levels of existence. It is extremely complex and when added to an alloy, increases the complexity of the mix by its very presence. It is therefore useful when additional information or energy is required, or when dealing with trying to solve problems, advance knowledge or a personal breakthrough or threshold shift is required. Nickel is a great metal for use in promoting psychological healing. Wearing nickel can act as a negative energy detoxifier and help drain away depression, fear and anger. If you're suffering from compulsive thoughts or dreams, nickel can help purge your mind of them. Wearing nickel encourages creativity and a lightness of spirit. Nickel is also a drawing metal, meaning it will either draw things to you that you desire, or it will draw things out/away from you that you do not desire.

    LEATHER                                            Capricorn, Gemini,
    has high tensile strength, resistance to tear, high resistance to flexing and to puncture.  It contains a great deal of air, which is a poor conductor of heat which makes it a good heat insulator. Leather fibers can hold large quantities of water vapor which enables it to absorb perspiration, which is later dissipated; a significant factor in comfort. Leather is warm in winter and cool in summer; it can be molded and will retain its new shape. It has both elastic and plastic properties in wear. It is inherently resistant to heat and flame as well as wet and dry abrasion. It represents strength, longevity, and transformation that protects and promotes practicality. It helps one to maintain fluidity amidst opposing influences helping one to adapt to surroundings and maintain ones composure during unfavorable situations. Leather contains a great deal of air which is a poor conductor of heat and is inherently resistant to heat and flame as well as wet and dry abrasion. It represents one’s ability to get over anger or negative emotions quickly and to maintain ones chosen state of mind and remain peacefully grounded in the midst of turmoil.

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