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This report goes deeper into the details of your zodiac and house alignments and how the function and resonance of each  influences your personality and the choices that you make, the types of experiences that you attract and why, and what life paths you'll have the most success and soul fulfillment in achieving.

Detailed Zodiac Alignment & Zodiac Houses Report

  • In order to prepare your chart, I'll need your date and time of birth, your full birth name, and/or current name (if different), where you were born and to know if you were carried full term or born prematurely. (to calculate your time of conception)

    Once your chart is purchased and the requested information received, it takes up to 24-36 hours to generate and send out to you. Each Birth Chart Report can be ordered as an E-book version or printed, bound and shipped to you directly. The choice is yours!

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