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This report contains Insights as to how to prepare for what the coming year has in store for you, along with that of your age of greatest prominence.  Learn secrets to  navigating
your path to success not only for your current year but for any year of your choosing. Purchase a 2nd destiny chart for the coming years of interest and receive up to 15% off the listed price.

Destiny Reports

  • In order to prepare your chart, I'll need your date and time of birth, your full birth name, and/or current name (if different), where you were born and to know if you were carried full term or born prematurely. (to calculate your time of conception)

    Once your chart is purchased and the requested information received, it takes up to 24-36 hours to generate and send out to you. Each Birth Chart Report can be ordered as an E-book version or printed, bound and shipped to you directly. The choice is yours!

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