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  • All Inclusive Astrospiritual Birth Chart includes the entire selection of reports at a  $100 savings!!!

    *  Main Resonant Frequencies Outline,

    *  Detailed Numerological Report &

    *  Outline of Major Zodiac Influences

    *  Planetary Zodiac Alignment Report

    *  Detailed Zodiac House Personality Imprint Report

    *  Detailed Ruling Tarot Report

    *  Chinese Zodiac Report

    *  Animal Totems Influences Report

    *  Medical Astrology & Natural Supplementation Report

    *  Current Year Destiny Report & Most Important Year Destiny Forecast

    *  Planetary Zodiac Stones & Properties Report

    *  60 Minute Birth Chart Consultation with the purchase of a Full Astrophysical Birth Chart Report

All Inclusive Astrospiritual Birth Chart Report

  • In order to prepare your chart, I'll need your date and time of birth, your full birth name, and/or current name (if different), where you were born and to know if you were carried full term or born prematurely. (to calculate your time of conception)

    Once your chart is purchased and the requested information received, it takes up to 24-36 hours to generate and send out to you. Each Birth Chart Report can be ordered as an E-book version or printed, bound and shipped to you directly. The choice is yours!

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